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Beware the Ides of March!

On March 15th, 2017 this page will disappear. In our ongoing efforts to make our manuals easier to find and navigate, and perhaps a bit easier on the eye, Jive has launched the Jive Resource Center. All the same manuals that you’ve been using here on the wiki are now available on that site.

To link immediately to this page in the Jive Resource Center, please click here!

Welcome to our Tips of the Week archive. Each week we are releasing short video clips demonstrating various features, tools, or settings to help you take full advantage of all Jive has to offer. Check back weekly to learn something new and hone in your skills.

Have a tip you would like us to cover? Send your suggestions here.


Release DateTitleDurationLink
2/20/17Call Quality Issues: Call Quality Issues Overview5:48VIEW
2/20/17Call Quality Issues: Symptoms and Troubleshooting3:51VIEW
2/20/17Call Quality Issues: Test Available Bandwidth by Running a Speedtest5:26VIEW
2/20/17Call Quality Issues: Perform a Ping Test with Pingtest.net5:52VIEW
2/20/17Call Quality Issues: Perform a Command Line Ping Test on a Windows Computer4:58VIEW
2/20/17Call Quality Issues: Perform a Command Line Ping Test on a Mac5:08VIEW
2/20/17Call Quality Issues: Test Network Stability with Jive Netview on Windows5:49VIEW
2/20/17Call Quality Issues: Test Network Stability with Jive Netview on a Mac6:07VIEW
2/20/17Override Default Time Zone on a Device2:32VIEW
2/10/17Use Multiple Dial by Name Directories in a Dial Plan3:33VIEW
2/6/17Search Extensions2:20VIEW
1/30/17Hold Music Overview5:50VIEW
1/23/17Assign Default Hold Music2:40VIEW
1/16/17Power Cycle Devices5:26VIEW
1/9/17Admin Portal Quick Start7:19VIEW
1/6/17Delete Uploaded Hold Music2:08VIEW
1/3/17Download Hold Music2:07VIEW
12/27/16Add a Holiday Schedule2:25VIEW
12/15/16Record a Sound Clip4:26VIEW
12/14/16Sound Clips Overview3:19VIEW
12/12/16Download a Sound Clip1:49VIEW
12/12/16Rename a Sound Clip2:13VIEW
12/12/16Delete a Sound Clip1:57VIEW
12/12/16Upload a Sound Clip2:31VIEW
12/9/16Delete a Call Queue1:52VIEW
12/9/16Extensions Overview5:52VIEW
12/5/16Create a New Call Queue2:36VIEW
12/5/16Delete a Holiday Schedule1:52VIEW
12/2/16Phone Numbers Overview5:00VIEW
11/28/16Block Caller ID on a Phone Number2:11VIEW
11/28/16Upload Hold Music3:54VIEW
11/28/16Edit a Hold Music Playlist4:52VIEW
11/28/16Override Default Hold Music for a Phone Number2:12VIEW
11/21/16Delete a Hold Music Playlist2:16VIEW
11/21/16Create a Playlist3:37VIEW
11/14/16Change or Reset Voicemail Password on a Line2:53VIEW
11/14/16Set Up Failover Destination on a Line3:53VIEW
11/14/16Direct a Phone Number to a Call Queue2:06VIEW
11/7/16Override Default Hold Music on a Line2:41VIEW
11/7/16Set Up Ringback Music on a Line2:51VIEW
11/7/16Set Up Line to Receive Calls and Faxes3:14VIEW
10/31/16Override Default Caller ID Number on a Line4:02VIEW
10/31/16Override Default Local Area Code on a Line2:38VIEW
10/31/16Override Default Region on a Line2:23VIEW
10/24/16Override Default Voicemail Menu Language on a Line3:06VIEW
10/24/16Direct a Phone Number to a Line2:18VIEW
10/24/16Delete a Line1:29VIEW
10/24/16Create a New Line2:22VIEW
10/17/16Manage Administrators4:02VIEW
10/17/16Delete an Extension2:08VIEW
10/17/16Create a New Extension3:04VIEW
10/10/16Delete Hardware2:11VIEW
10/10/16Add New Hardware2:58VIEW
10/10/16Hardware Overview3:36VIEW
10/1/16Delete a Device2:01VIEW
10/1/16Add/Remove a Line from a Device5:22VIEW
9/26/16Call Filters Overview3:34VIEW
9/26/16Delete a Call Filter1:40VIEW
9/26/16Create a Call Filter3:32VIEW
9/26/16Remove a user or Nested User from a User Group3:04VIEW
9/19/16Remove a User from a User Group1:52VIEW
9/19/16Users Overview3:33VIEW
9/12/16User Groups Overview2:52VIEW
9/12/16Create a New User Group2:42VIEW
9/12/16Delete a User Group2:31VIEW
9/6/16Create a New Device (Combo Wizard Method)5:02VIEW
9/6/16Create a New Device (New Device Button)2:18VIEW
8/29/16Online Billing Payments6:58VIEW
8/22/16Add a User to a User Group3:58VIEW
8/22/16Key Concepts2:14VIEW
8/15/16Delete a User1:49VIEW
8/15/16Enable End User Portal Access2:21VIEW
8/8/16Dashboard: Overview1:38VIEW
8/1/16Create a New User (New User Button)2:57VIEW
8/1/16Create a New User (Combo Wizard Button)5:57VIEW
7/25/18Assign Hardware (MAC Address) to a Device3:30VIEW
7/18/16Assign a User to a Device2:21VIEW
7/11/16Manage Super Administrators3:50VIEW
7/8/16Direct a Phone Number to an Extension3:13VIEW
7/5/16Direct a Phone Number4:23VIEW
6/27/16Manage Call Monitors5:28VIEW
6/20/16Change Extension Digits5:43VIEW
06/13/16Play Sound Clip to Agents in a Call Queue3:03VIEW
06/06/16Set Up Emergency Service Call Notifications3:42VIEW
05/31/16Play Sound Clip to Callers in a Call Queue3:20VIEW
05/23/16Nest User Groups2:47VIEW
05/16/16Replace an Existing User1:48VIEW
05/09/16Remove Extensions from Allow Extension Dialing2:01VIEW
05/02/16Ignore Forwarded Devices2:25VIEW
04/25/16Escape to Operator1:41VIEW
04/18/16Jive Video Pro1:18VIEW
04/11/16Failover on a Dial Plan2:03VIEW
04/04/16Dial Without an Area Code2:23VIEW
03/28/16Failover on a Line1:54VIEW
03/21/16Omit Extensions from Directories1:26VIEW
03/14/16Initiate Call Recording Mid-Call2:15VIEW
03/07/16Jive Netview3:01VIEW
02/29/16Searching Extensions1:44ARCHIVED
02/22/16Holiday Schedule Messages3:31VIEW
02/15/16Call Filter Wild Card2:09VIEW
02/08/16Multiple Schedules2:56VIEW
02/01/16Block Anonymous Callers1:25VIEW
01/25/16Logging In and Out of Call Queues1:20VIEW
01/18/16Changing Dialable Password1:28VIEW
01/11/16Override Block Caller ID1:01VIEW
01/04/16Dial By Name Directories4:47VIEW
12/28/15Phone Videos1:24VIEW
12/14/15Sound Clips3:27VIEW
12/07/15Checking Voicemail4:47VIEW
11/30/15Voicemail Greetings3:41VIEW
11/23/15Checking Alternate Voicemail Boxes0:49VIEW
11/16/15Block Caller ID1.26VIEW
11/09/15Troubleshooting Virtual Fax Machines2.38VIEW
11/02/15Rewind and Fast Forward Voicemail1:36VIEW
10/26/15Server-side Call Forwarding2:07VIEW
10/19/15Introduction to Jive Click to Connect3:10VIEW
10/12/15Using Your Busy Greeting1:56VIEW
10/05/15Find Me Follow Me Settings3:27VIEW
09/28/15Ring Group Voicemail Trap3:23VIEW
09/21/15Voicemail Notifications3:07VIEW
09/14/15Call Parking3:26VIEW
09/08/15End User Portal Directory4:23VIEW
08/31/15Call Monitoring2:29VIEW
08/24/15Directed Call Pickup0:51VIEW
08/17/15Using Jive Conference Rooms3:09VIEW
08/10/15Emergency Service Call Notifications2:36ARCHIVED
08/03/15Transfer Directly to Voicemail1:37VIEW
07/27/15Using Jive's Online Documentation5:20VIEW
07/20/15Phone Documentation2:45VIEW
07/13/15Increasing Your Dial Plan Canvas3:01VIEW

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