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1. Click Dial Plans in the left sidebar.

2. Click [ADD DIAL PLAN].

3. The next available number will automatically populate the EXTENSION; change this number as needed (optional).

4. Enter a NAME for the dial plan.

5. Click the checkmark icon.

6. Click the new dial plan to edit its configuration settings; the dial plan editor will appear in a new tab or window.

Node Anatomy
Node TypeDisplays the node type (dial plan action).
( ! )Indicates that the configuration for the node is incomplete.
Deletes the node from the dial plan.
Opens the search dialog box to browse and select an item.
Choose...Displays the line, schedule, extension, etc. for the node.
TimeoutDetermines how long the node lasts until it goes to the next step in the dial plan.

Connects nodes together to create a call flow. Drag and drop the target on the next node in the dial plan. Once the nodes are connected, a line will appear between the nodes. To repeat a node, drag and drop the target on top of the same node.

Note: Disconnected targets will hang up on the caller at that point in the dial plan.

7. Drag and drop nodes from the left sidebar to the canvas.

Tip: To increase your visible workspace, zoom out to 25% and then drag any node to the furthest corner of your canvas. You do not need to connect this node to your dial plan.

8. Drag and drop the target icon to connect nodes in a call flow.

Note: Make sure each target icon has a destination or calls will be dropped.

9. Complete the settings for each node.

Note: Extensions, voice prompts, hold music, etc. must be configured or recorded outside of the editor before they can be added to the dial plan.

10. Click [Save].

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